Official China Sales Agency

福建贸促会展有公司位于海上丝绸之路起点—-福建泉州, 专业代理国际知名展览会及提供商务服务,主要从事大型境外展会推广 、国际展会、 咨询、 出国商务考察, 出国签证, 展台设计搭建, 国际货运代理、海外市场推广等国际商务活动,以专业的服务精神为广大企业开拓海外市场提供一个重要交流平台。

Fujian Maocu Expo Co.,Ltd is located in the starting point of Maritime Silk Road–Fujian Quanzhou.The company is a professional agent of international well-known exhibitions.Moreover,it provides various business services,which include the promotion and business study of the oversea exhibition,the consultation,visa,the design of booth construction and the international freight service.In a word,the company provides enterprises with a significant communication platform for building up overseas markets.


Taking advantage of “Belt and Road”,by integrating“going out”and ”bringing in”strategies,Jinjiang has held ”China Jinjiang Brands on the Maritime Silk Road”series activities,which can help Jinjiang brands enhance international influence and build well-known image.Meanwhile,these activities have brought huge business opportunities for the regional partner.