Country Heights Berhad (CHHB) partnering in Motonation as part of their Car City Centre (CCC) Project

Country Heights Berhad (CHHB) and Motonation is signing a MOU which mark the partnership in Motonation Ecosystem Program. The partnership program in Motonation will be part of the 1.5 Billion GDV Car City Centre (CCC) project aligned by the CHHB Group. Motonation is set to drive the Eco-sytem platform to create a central hub for automotive event and players to be under one roof.

The project, which will be led by Motonation group and CHHB group executive director, Lee Thai Young Matahari, son of Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew will see the Mines exhibition hall transformed into central automotive events, car city centre, whereby customers can buy or do anything automotive-related under one roof such as loan applications and Puspakom checks, as well as purchasing new cars, parts and accessories.

The official press conference of the MOU Signing is set to be on the 3rd Of October 2018. Kicking off the program, MIECC is set to be the host of several automotive relative events as

    1. Asia Automotive Business Summit (AABS) ; 25th Of January 2019 : An educational business program to all Automotive related SME’S with participation speakers from AMBANK,CGC, SME Corp, AsiaHired and many more.
    2. Asia Automotive Award (AAA) ; Evening of 25th January 2019 : In conjunction off the AABS, the 2nd Annual AAA will be hosted for award recognition to automotive players.
    3. Motonation Cleantech Exhibition and Conferences ; 5th-7th July 2019 : An Automotive Exhibition focusing on clean and environmental technologies such as E-Cars/E-Bikes, Environmental parts and products, Charging suppliers, research and development, Hybrid Technologies and any related industries
    4. Motonation Ecosystem Exhibition : 15th – 17th November 2019 : An Automotive Ecosystem Exhibition focusing on the entire ecosystem related to automotive industries from properties, banking and insurance facilities, education, automotive parts and accessories, manufacturing, food trucks and many more.